November Plate

I decided against making my usual monthly goals for now, becuase it's getting to be that time of year: the next two months are filled with holiday celebrations and one million things to do.

Instead, I decided to put my next month's projects on a plate.

I was asked by a dear friend to make a cake later this month, and of course I said "Yes" because the word "No" is not part of my vocabulary.
So then she sent me a picture of the cake she wanted, which was a picture of the cake that won 1st Place in the NC State Fair Competition.
My first reaction was a slight WTF.
My second reaction was a brief moment of flattery because she thought me so skilled.
My final reaction was a strong WTF and there goes 1/3 of my November plate, because now I need to learn how to tier, fondant, and gumpaste a cake in the next couple of weeks.
I do love a challenge, so I'm excited for this cake project.

Another portion of the plate is being filled by "running at a slow pace" because I'm attempting to do the half marathon next year.

I'm performing in the Grey Stone Baptist Church Living Christmas Tree, so I'm working on my acting skills and line memorization.

I think this will be an exciting month! Stay tuned on the blog.