Inhale, Exhale, Repeat

You may remember this post from way back in March. In the post, I shared a caption that I felt best described the way I was feeling, and then I took a little break from blogging.

"I want my blog to be a source of happiness, honesty, and inspiration... not me complaining about every single little things that goes wrong. And when I feel that critical spirit encroaching into my speech and thoughts, I try to limit my interaction with the world."

Lately, although I have been increasing my interaction with the blogging world, I have been strictly limiting my interaction with the real world. Strangely, I've had a strong urge to isolate myself, knowing full well that socially isolating myself will only make me more miserable.

I know there are a few key things that are triggering my blues, but change is hard (even more hard when you have little money and no direction of where your life is headed).

I'm really hoping that my attitude doesn't seep through and become reflected in my blog. (Aside from this post obviously. My attitude is strongly seeping through in this melancholy post.)

The depressing circumstances in my life at the moment have potential blog humor value. My life is often hilarious (in the "you should feel sorry for me" sorta way), only it's hard to find the humor in anything when you're annoyed, bitchy, and mad at the world.
This blog is my outlet. Forgive my sorrowful rambling.
I'm contemplating a blog mini-series this week. If I decide to go ahead with this thought, you'll know tomorrow.

So until next time...
Love, Happy Thoughts, and a picture of Colby