COPS a word...suck.

On Sunday, I decided it would be a good idea for Brian and I to visit the Asheboro Zoo. Brian had never been to the NC zoo, and I hadn't been in about six years.

So bright and early, we hit the road. I even woke up cheery, with extra spring in my step, singing "We're off to see the monkeys, the wonderful monkeys of zoo...because because because because hjahdjwndjabdnbrbgfr dah dah...."

But then my happiness ended abruptly. I was caught speeding along an open highway.

It was a quiet morning on the road. As my speeding ticket confirms,
Traffic Conditions: light
Visibiliy: completely clear
Speed: No reason not to

I was going 72 mph in a 55 mph zone, down a hill, in the country.

There was only one other car in sight...a dirty cop.

After he pulled me over, he cautiously approached my vehicle, as if he were walking through a field of land mines. When he got to my car, he stood approximately two feet behind my driver's side door.

Never before did I realize that white girls in Civics were so threatening. Come a little closer so we can chat, eh?

The cop was angry that day, my friends. Like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli.

So began an interrogation....

"Ma'am, why are you speeding today?"

"Anxious to see polar bears, Sir."

Actually, I never said that. I said, "No reason other than hoping you would come along, pull me over, and ruin my day."

So that's what he did. Ruined my damn day.


  1. Dental Daddy11/09/2011

    AH! I got caught going 72 in a 55 last Saturday at 1:30AM after a full day of volunteering doing intra/extra oral exams on the homeless and then studying for my monday exam. My cop was mean too. He just kept asking me if I had been drinking. (repeatedly). Asked me to recite the alphabet starting at C and ending at N. Then asked me if I was drunk AGAIN when i handed him my license and registration (this time it was warranted because I was so flustered I handed him my credit card instead of license). Check and see if the highway your on is labeled a "Prima Facie" speed zone. Basically, that means 55 is not an absolute speed, and, if you can prove your driving conditions were under control and not putting anyone in danger, he are not guilty of speeding! Thats what I am doing.

    Life! it sucks, huh.

  2. Kelly Lawrence11/09/2011

    Thanks for your comment! Glad to know someone can relate...although your situation sounds WAY WORSE! ha! I'll be calling the lawyers!


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