The Cake Boss

After three days of titling each post after a television show, I ran out of ideas. To remedy this, I visited the Hulu website to check out the titles of current TV shows.

Although I realllly wish I had some clever ideas for "Dirty Sexy Money" or "Pumpkin Scissors," looks like I'll be doing a boring "Cake Boss" post.

And excuse my going off topic, but Pumpkin Scissors? What does that even mean? If anyone has watched Pumpkin Scissors, please clue me in.

Back to my cake topic:
I had my first run with fondant last week. I chose to make the marshmallow fondant because most people would agree that it's the tastiest option.

Straight onto the counter it went....

I poured in the melted marshmallows and began my kneading. Please be warned: This is MESSY! I will definitely not be using this technique ever again.

But it did the job! My fondant turned out well and I covered my cake.
I would encourage anyone to make fondant. It is a really simple and effective way to decorate a cake. Plus, it really only requires marshmallows, confectioner's sugar, and some Crisco!

Cheap and easy.

You can also make fondant in huge batches, then save them for whenever you need them. This is a definite plus, as I have two cakes to make on a very busy week in December. I think I'll definitely be keeping a lot of fondant on reserve for the future.

Happy Veteran's Day. I'm here blogging working hard. Couting down the hours until the weekend!