The Spirits

Brian's Ghost Pepper Vodka has been steeping for approximately 3 weeks now. Last weekend I took the handle of a spoon, immersed it .000001 mm into the GPV, and then placed it on my tongue. I didn't really taste anything, due to the fact that my entire tongue went numb.

The featured drink of the Halloween party is going to be Bloody Mary's. For the Bloody Mary bar, I've got a selection of Bloody Mary mixes, vodka, optional Ghost Pepper Vodka, spices, Tabasco, worcestershire,  pickles, celery, and Bacon-flavored rim salt.

Should be interesting!

I'm also going to make these adorable Candy Corn Jello Shots.

Picture and Recipe Courtesy That's So Michelle

If you provide enough alcohol at a party, I'm pretty sure all other details become irrelevant. If you're anything like me, however, I tend to hover around the food table instead of the bar.

Stay tuned...tomorrow I will reveal the food lineup!


  1. karen17710/19/2011

    those bloody marys sound AMAZEBALLS


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