Sexting is the new thing. Or so I'm told.
Not that I'd be any good at it. I am the opposite of anything sexy.
The only fantasy I've ever had is to be buried alive in a bowl of parmesan cheese, and Brian won't even make that happen.

Either way, I was happy when I came across this website, which contains 25 sexting acronyms that I definitely must try. Oh man, I think they're pretty hilarious.

I remember Brian and I first exchanging TEXT messages back in Fall '07.

It went something like this:
Brian: "Do you want to go to the State Fair with me?"
Kelly: "No, I've already been this year." (Lie #1)
Brian: "Oh, well do you want to go again?"
Kelly: "No, I've actually already been twice this year." (Lie #2)

Lying is so much easier via text.

Some days I'm glad he didn't give up.