Pumpkin Roll Cake

One of my goals for the month of October was to make three pumpkin recipes. One down, two to go.

This weekend I tried my hand at making my very first roll cake! I feared the roll cake. It had potential disaster written all over it. Much to my surprise, however, this cake was very easy to make! I adapted the recipe from this one I found with a Google search.

Step 1: Pour pumpkin cake batter onto a cookie sheet and bake for 15 minutes at 375.

Step 2: Cover a dish towel in powdered sugar.
Step 3: Roll up the cake in the towel.
Step 4: Let cake cool in the fridge for one hour. Unroll from towel and spead cream cheese icing in the center. Gently roll cake (without towel) back up and serve!....Preferablly not on a Santa platter...unless it's December.
Simple and gorgeous!

I added about half a tub of cool whip to the cream cheese frosting. I personally thought the recipe for the frosting had too strong of a cream cheese taste. I think I actually prefer the store-bought icing rather than making the homemade frosting from this recipe. You can decide on the frosting you want to use!

I think this cake would definitely be a hit at any occasion this holiday season! What pumpkin recipes should I try next?!