One Month to Live

I'm secretly hoping that some people click on my blog link via Facebook and think that my title is in reference to a terminal illness. No, no. Just a runny nose and a sore throat at the moment--a battle I'm prepared to fight. Should be knocked out in a few days I hope.

Alas, I know you were expecting me to unveil my Halloween party food menu today, but hold your horses! I have a much better, more inedible story to share.

So I went to church unwillingly last Sunday (bypass other story) and discovered that they are doing a church-wide series called "One Month to Live." The concept is to live your hypothetical last month on Earth with a passion and purpose for Christ. I've been reading along in the One Month to Live book each day, but so far I haven't seen much transformation. Let's just say, if I were to croak right now while writing this blog, it would be sans passion and purpose. Thats because I have the common cold, of course, and feel pretty useless at the moment.

The "One Month to Live" concept did, however, inspire me to think of something better than One Month to Live.

I'm calling it One Minute to Live. I ran it by my family members and didn't get much response, but I feel it packs a more powerful punch. It's urgent and pressing. Makes me wanna live for the minute.

Since I have yet to officially launch my "Last Minute" campaign, I'll go along with the church and live out my supposed last four weeks.

Instinct tells me that this One Month to Live idea is similar to the recently popular idea of making a bucket list. Call me normal, but  whenever I decide I'm going to make a bucket list, I just can't come up with anything cool to put on it. Get educated, get a job, get married, get kids...get real! Those things aren't bucket-list worthy.

I should want to learn to belly dance in Hawaii, or conga line dance in Morocco.

Yep, that's dancing mucus.
But dancing isn't really my talent, believe it or not.

So right now I'm going to go take a heavy dose of Mucinex and try to think of something cool to do before I hypothetically die in 26 days.