Not Exactly What I Had In Mind & A Potential Giveaway!

This week has not been what I thought it would be.

I imagined I would make a lot of progress on my October Goals (as in complete all of them since I've done zilch.)

I imagined that I would have a few date nights with myself. Dinner for one, wine for one. You know the drill.

I imagined that I would memorize the entire script for the Christmas play that I'm performing in because I said I would be ambitious and memorize the entire script. Yeah, no.

I imagined I would go on long walks with Colby, do some P90X Ab Ripper, and eat a little healthier. I'm on my fourth miniature Snickers of the day, and I think I'll wash it down with some candy corn.

I imagined for sure, by now, I would've written a blog post about my Halloween party.

I imagined myself constantly pestering Brian on Google Chat. Talking to him is one of the few things I look forward to all day. He's busy at work this week, refusing to sign on, and therefore avoiding me.

I definitely did not imagine that ONE SECOND AGO the ASDA (American Student Dental Association) email I received would've caught my eye because it featured a recipe from fellow blogger "Sweet Tooth" and now I think I must change my blog title.

My world is crashing down. This other "Sweet Tooth" has a million followers, or 785 to be precise. This brings me all sorts of emotions: jealousy, guilt, shame. I wish I had a 786 followers. I checked my stats and I appear to only have one hundred blog views per day (unless that's just Brian because I know he loves my blog and checks it regularly but probably not 100x/day, idk).

Now that this other Sweet Tooth has gotten so popular (she's giving away a KitchenAid Mixer and has created a FB page with over 1,000 likes) something must be done. If I too am going to be a dental student, dental blogger, and lover of all things sweet, it appears that I cannot also have a blog titled The Sweet Tooth, clever as it may be.

Two is not better than one.

I had my blog first.

No hurt feelings, but I had my blog first.

Any new ideas for my blog title, please place a comment in the comment section below. All entries acceptable until 12/31/2025. No late entries. No double entries. Ok, double entries are fine. Winners will not be contacted. Winners will not recieve a KitchenAid mixer.*

*Unless I win the giveaway on the other Sweet Tooth blog. And then I will be hosting a giveaway of my own. An Artisan "Blue Willow" KitchenAid Mixer.


  1. If you had your blog first then it doesn't matter how long she's had hers!

  2. Jon Slone10/27/2011

    Hey Kelly, you should have a cake-off with this other lady. Do it for pink slips to the Sweet Tooth moniker.

    P.S. Angel hair pasta rules!

  3. karen17710/27/2011

    i like your tag line- "Life is Sweet-Eat it up". Why don't you just call it that?

  4. Anonymous10/27/2011

    Thats crazy Kelly! Cant believe you have to change it :-(.

    <3 CC

  5. Cassie Taylor10/28/2011

    I agree were first! You keep your blog :)! P.S. If you need help promoting your blogs more, Sean knows how to do that stuff. He helped me go from about six views per post to over 100 already. Trust me, it was all his work (as much as I'd like to claim it was my incredible blogging abilities :-P).


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