Ghosts and Peppers

Remember my October Goals? One of my goals was to have a Ghosts & Peppers party in celebration of Halloween, and partly because Brian has grown an abundance of Ghost peppers this season.

(known as Bhut Jolokias in some circles)

Brian and I have invited a few friends over on Friday night and I am knee deep in party planning! As always, I am most excited about the food!

Let me give you an idea of what usually happens when it comes time to discuss my potential party menus with Brian...

Kelly: "Ok, I've made my food list for the party. I want to know what you think if it."
Brian: "Read me the sweet stuff last."
Kelly: (looking at list) ", back to the drawing board."

My sweet items typically outnumber my savory items ten to zero. That being said, I am really working hard on developing some creative goodies--some sweet, some savory.

This week on the blog, I will feature creative Halloween-themed party ideas each day as I prepare for Friday night. I live for the holidays--the cooking, entertaining and crafting--and am so excited we have entered into the holiday months!