The Power of Praise

Remember The Happiness Project? I read this book at the beginning of the year and did a short blogging series about some of the lessons I learned.

You can read those posts here:
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It was refreshing for me to go back and look at these blog posts and be reminded of some of my happiness lessons!

The author of the book, Gretchen Rubin, now writes a regular column for Good Housekeeping. When I read this issue's column I thought it appropriate to share.

The article was titled "The Power of Praise: How giving it is the key to getting it."

I think giving people praise--whether it be as simple as a comment or as lavish as a gift--is so critically important. This article highlighted some important characteristics of effective praise.

1. Be Specific.
2. Never offer praise and ask for a favor within the same conversation.
3. Look for something less obvious to praise.
4. Praise people behind their backs. (They will usually hear about it eventually.)
5. Remember the negativity bias. (**It typically takes at least five good acts to repair the damage of one hurtful act.)
6. Praise the everyday as well as the exceptional.

Praise somebody today.
I think it will do the heart good.