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It's supposed to be 84 degrees tomorrow and then 64 on Saturday and Sunday. What's up with that?!

In other news, I have officially let myself go (and by that I mean let my blog go).

My sister accused me tonight of only posting pictures of Colby laying upside down as of late. It's not that I don't have a list of posts on my "need to write" list, it's just simply a lack of time.

The new job at Duke is going well! It's nice to be working a 40 hour week once again, as I have only been working part-time the last year or so. I like the consistency.

I have absolutely no agenda this weekend. This hasn't been the case in for-ev-er, except for maybe last weekend when I did absolutely nothing. I will likely spend most of this weekend in the kitchen. Making a mess of it, of course!

October will be a busy month and I'm going to have plenty of down time at work here soon. And by down time I mean blogging time. This is extremely good news for my blog followers--no more week long Sweet Tooth hiatuses I hope!

Stay warm this weekend. I'll probably be roasting.
Brian turns the heat on if the temperature outside drops below 80.