Rules? What Rules?

Rules. I've never been a fan.

I walk my dog Colby by the lake that specifically says "For Croasdaile Residents Only."
She's usually off of her leash.
And I've never once picked up her poop.


I wanted to share with you my system of following (or not following) the rules. Here is my internal rule-breaking code.

#1 What's the worst that can happen?
For most rules, the worst thing that is going to happen is someone will tell you "No." No, you can't use these restroom facilities. No, you can't use this coupon in combination with that coupon. No, you can't walk in this park after 9pm. No, you can't bring snacks in your purse into the theater.

"No" has never killed me. In fact, I usually just shrug my shoulders and say "Oh well."

So if "No" is the worst that will happen, I will definitely break the rule and take my chances.

#2 Who is enforcing the rule?
If law enforcement officers are in the vicinity and enforcing the suggested speed, I will obey.
If anyone in a position of authority is enforcing the rule, I will revert back to Rule-Breaking Code #1.
If my dad is enforcing the rule, the rule has a better chance of being ignored.
If my mom is enforcing the rule, I will be tormented with mixed emotions before deciding to break the rule.
Anyone younger and not in a position of authority stands no chance of enforcing a rule.

#3 Is the rule stupid?
This is perhaps the most important question to ask yourself when considering the rule. Many rules out there in the world are just plain dumb. If the rule is not meant to provide safety for yourself or for others, there's a good chance it may be in the category of rules-that-are-just-plain-dumb.
Remember, any fool can make a rule and any fool will mind it.
(Quote courtesy of my fave Henry Dave...i.e. Thoreau).
My mom has been my ultimate teacher and mentor on the subject matter of stupid rules. If you are convinced that a rule is stupid, I strongly urge you to do the following:
Loudly announce "This rule is stupid!"
And then, go forth and break the stupid rule.

There you have it. My internal rule-breaking code.

About 95% of the success of successful people has been obtained by breaking some rule.
Or so I'm guessing.


  1. You are SO your mother's child. . . and it's a lot of fun for me :-)


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