A New Level of Laziness

It's taking every ounce of energy I have to sit down and type this blog.

Weird 'cause I've done just about nothing today.

I win the lazy award today. I also win the lazy award for this week and this month.
Those August Goals? Laughable! I laugh in the face of those August goals.

Colby still takes the Lifetime of Laziness Award.

Raise your paw if you accept the Lifetime of Laziness award....

Okay, Colby. Award goes to you, you lazy pup.

I should've added "scenic photography while strolling along" to my August goal list, because then I would've been a successful go-doer. 

I've discovered it's easier to take cell phone pictures while walking your dog if your dog is off the leash and romping around in the fields. Brace yourself for some nasty looks. I passed about three or four of those law-abiding-citizen types and they (and their dogs) seemed really displeased about how much fun me and Colby were having. 

If you're interested in seeing more photographs of our scenic walking path just let me know. There's about a hundred more where that came from. 

Brian has told me I'm an amateur photographer and overall "not good." 
He has also said that if I'm gone for more than three to four hours on my walks, he won't come looking for me.

Sometimes (all the time) I loathe him and his honesty. 
But then I go walk it off. And take really awesome pictures.