What's Happening this Month

I'm officially deeming July as the busiest month of this year.

I was all set to write my "July Goals" today, but then I realized we are almost two weeks in. All goals have now been abandoned.

In the past two weeks, I have taken two organic chemistry exams, finished my book club book, worked on my dental application, celebrated the Fourth, baked some goodies, and gotten my head examined.

Ok, I actually got my body examined, but I'm pretty sure a head examination would've proved more beneficial. Something ain't right in there.

In the coming weeks, I've got a bachelorette vacation at the beach, a organic final, a dental admissions test, a wedding, a birthday, and a two year anniversary date with my sweetheart (which may or may not resemble our typical biweekly dates to El Rodeo).

Here is my sweetheart:

Here's the crew of guys (plus me!) at the pool last weekend:

Here is the fireworks spectacular:

All for now. Happy Monday! :-)