Anxiety Attack

Apologies for the recent blog hiatus. I can only stretch myself so thin, and lately my life has been the equivalent of a train wreck.

As I tossed and turned last night with a tummy ache, I had so many things weighing on my mind. One of the many things was the fact that TODAY I will be heading to the doctor for an appointment. No serious medical concerns, but I just feel like I need somebody to tell me I'm okay--that I'm perfectly healthy and not dying.

Last night, I wanted to blame the tummy ache on my nerves, which have lately been shot.
Or on the chicken piccata I ate for dinner.
But perhaps it is the doctor's appointment that has me in knots.
I dread the doctor.
Like, seriously....dread the doctor.

Please refer to one of my first blog posts ever, way back in 2009 when I began writing my blog.
I think it paints a pretty clear picture of why I despise the doctor, and why I may or may not be suffering from an anxiety attack.

Eating for Two