Alright, Already...the Show Goes On.

Finished up Organic Chemistry last week and the DAT exam on Monday.

I was fairly pleased with the outcome. Now my only task is filling out supplemental applications and sending more money ("processing fees") to a few of the schools.

When it came time to submit my ADEA application and select my dental school destinations, I had a brief moment of panic and decided to completely reevaluate my school selections. That said, I ended up applying to the following dental schools:

UNC  (Chapel Hill, NC)
East Carolina University (Greenville, NC)
Marquette University (Wisconsin)
University of Colorado (Denver)
Lake Erie College of Medicine (Florida)....Kinda far from Lake Erie, eh?
University of Kentucky (Lexington)
University of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania)

Now all I have to do is wait to hear back. And if I do get accepted, well, then I have a lot to look forward to.....

More schooling, more classes, more money. Sounds....great. 
I've never been opposed to marrying a dentist rather than becoming a dentist myself. Just sayin'. 

So in the meantime, while I apply and wait, I will be mostly working and job shadowing dentists. 
I'll be vacationing.
I'll also be trying to figure out exactly how to pronounce "macaron." See my extremely unhelpful post below on the correct pronunciation of the word.

Oh, and I bought a starfish last weekend. 
I saw him at the Fish Room when Brian and I were perusing. It was one of those "I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy" love-at-first-sight moments.  
Soon after we brought him home, he decided to crawl up the side of the tank. When this happened, he may or may not have seen the dead starfish we have mounted on the wall beside the fish tank. 

Moments later, he decided to bury himself in the sand and we haven't seen him since. 

Alright, be on the lookout for some more blog changes and new posts this week. I finally have free time and it's glorious.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. AcuraHeel7/27/2011

    Poor Squishy...:)

  2. Kelly Lawrence7/27/2011

    George? That You? Poor Squishy is right. And poor Butch Davis :-)

  3. Dental Daddy7/28/2011

    How did you do on the DAT!?


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