Strawberry Everything

Last weekend at the pool, our friend Brandon introduced me to his friends as "Strawberry's girlfriend."

The response from his friend: "Is that why your beach towel is covered in strawberries?"

Ok, it's true that I have a strawberry-themed beach towel, but I had this towel before I started dating Brian.

Nobody believed me.

Granted, it's also true that after I started dating Brian, I wanted strawberry everything.

Strawberry clothing. Strawberry coffee mugs. You name it!

I even started keeping a "Strawberry" folder in my IPhoto to store my strawberry finds.

To share a few...

Strawberry wallpaper. Yes, please.

Strawberry cookies. Precious!

Strawberry balloons. I love it.

And the strawberry coffee mug that I want...

Oh, and here's me at age three-- sporting the strawberries.

All for now.
Hope you have a berry good day :-)


  1. karen1776/27/2011

    i just laughed out loud to you saying "berry good day". NERD.

  2. Anonymous6/27/2011

    <3 you Kelly!


  3. Kelly Lawrence6/27/2011

    KAREN-i'm definitely a nerd, and so happy that you can appreciate it :) Ha! LOVE YOU TOO, SIERRA!!!


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