Still at the Kid's Table

In the 1970's, an article was written titled "Where have all the men gone?" The article was about the sudden rise of women going to college and becoming professionals, while men's numbers were falling. This trend is still seen today with more females enrolled in college than males, and the gap is only getting wider.

A more recent trend and discussion that I'm sure is taking place in many sociology classrooms is the new "pre-adulthood" stage. I didn't read much about this new trend until a couple months ago, and now I've finally put a name to my stark realization: I'm 23-years-old, living at home, and still financially dependent on my parents.

While I was sitting at a bar on Saturday night at 2:30 am--extremely tired and completely sober--a hundred thoughts were running through my head: How many more years is it going to be like this? Why is this not as fun as it used to be? Everyone here is older than me, and they still find it fun. Am I being lame?

When you don't want to go out and socialize (i.e. drink excessively) on a weekend night, you are "being lame." I guess I was under the impression that that ended after college. Wrong.

The older I get, the less impressed I am with the bar scene. And on most days, I actually feel the urge to be domestic--to create a home with someone, cook meals, and do laundry.

But then there's that fear of "settling down", and if dental school doesn't work out, I'm pretty tempted to backpack Europe, spend a year in search of "myself," and put aside all responsibilities while I'm still young. Okay, so maybe I won't actually backpack Europe, but it's a nice thought.

And here is some more food for thought:
I've attached links to several articles on the "pre-adulthood" topic, in case you're interested.

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And on that note, I think I'll go have a PB & J.


  1. These links annoyed me. Now I just want to go home and play video games.


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