Memorial Day Weekend

Up at 5:30 this morning due to a highly annoying dog who's name I won't mention.

Starts with a B and ends with an Ella.

I'm working at the bank this morning and then Brian and I are spending the evening with Brian's coworker Kevin and his sweet family.

Other than that, it's nice having no agenda!

I definitely plan on baking a the kitchen and in the sun! I'll share some of my goodies with you here and on my cake blog!

Did you notice the new blog changes? If I only achieved one of my month's goals this month, so be it. But I was able to spend the rainy day yesterday changing the layout of all three blogs! Four hours later, I had completely lost track of time and it was already time for dinner.

Well, off to work I go. I hope everyone has a fabulous Memorial Day weekend! Remember to wear sunscreen!