May Goals

Today is my last day of "summer vacation". I had four days off of school. It was fun while it lasted!

Tomorrow it's back to the grind.

5 and 1/2 weeks of Organic Chemisty followed by 5 and 1/2 weeks of Organic Chemistry II. I hope I can survive! Luckily, I am feeling extremely motivated to really dedicate myself to these classes because this is the FINAL STRETCH.

May is already starting to slip away from me, but it's not too late for me to set some goals for this month.

Goals for May
1. Plan and organize my week on Sunday...that includes my study schedule, my blogging, my errands, my workout, etc.
2. Weight lifting. 4 days/week. This is scary for me, as I am much more of a cardio gal.
3. Spend 30-60 minutes/weekday reviewing for the DAT exam.
4. Take my Kaplan DAT final exam, and hopefully do well!
5. Blog every weekday for the rest of the month.
6. Dedicate more time to the book club! I have been slack this month, since school was wrapping up, but I have some creative ideas.
7. Revamp the blog. This will take extensive research and learning, seeing as  how I am technologically inept.
8. Continue Power of a Praying Woman bible study.

Apparently I have a lot on my plate this month, but that always seems to be the case.

Happy May to you all!