Diet Coke with a Salmon Caesar...Light on the Dressing

Ryan Seacrest posted this question today on his radio show, and I (of course) had an opinion.

What do you think of a guy ordering a "feminine" food at a restaurant?

Over the weekend, while on a date, Ryan ordered quinoa as a side dish. Along with the fact that he pronounced it in the most obnoxious way ever (I, personally, would say qui-no-a with a long southern drawl), it was definitely a very odd choice.

I remember when my friend Dave first started ordering Diet Coke when we were out to eat. It was weird. It just seemed so girly.

Now that I'm dating an avid Diet Coke drinker, I've gotten more used to this occurrence. Brian also swears to me that men can be choc-o-holics, whereas I tend to think of chocolate as a "feminine" food.

Here's what I think:

If a feminine woman orders a "manly" meal, she is "one of the guys." If she can eat it all, even better.

But if I was on a date and the guy ordered a peach margarita with a sugared rim.....

Waiter!!.....Check, please!