A Royal Headache

Most of my friends know about my not-so-romantic view of wedding ceremonies. I find them highly entertaining for the sole fact that people spend months of planning and loads of money on something so absolutely ridiculous.

Not that I think marriage is ridiculous...just the ceremony part.

Reason One: The Cost
Fictional scenario #1: A couple gets married in a courthouse, gets a marriage license, and lives happily ever after.
Fictional scenario #2: A couple gets married in a lavish ceremony, drops $15,000, and lives happily ever after .

Both couples are happy, both couple are married, and one couple just saved 15 grand.

Interesting fact: $47.8 million is the unofficial estimate of the cost of Prince Charles' 1981 wedding to Diana. 

Reason Two: The weight loss
For some odd reason I have yet to figure, people other than the bride always feel the need to lose weight for a wedding. Seriously. Even the guests. When I hear "wedding," I hear "weight loss." The two are synonymous. I'll be in the gym everyday in July, simply because I'm gonna be in a wedding July 31st. But I plan on eating at least 2 slices of cake when it's all said and done.

Reason Three: The Drama
My mom used to always tell me that they didn't have a television show titled "Bridezilla" for no reason. And I'll leave it at that.

Ok, now that I've stated my reasons for thinking that wedding ceremonies are silly, I will admit that I am guilty of the following:
1. I enjoy wedding and bridal blogs, especially Nancy Ray Photography
2. "Say Yes to the Dress" is one of my favorite shows on television 
3. I was looking at cake decorating blogs recently and I stumbled across this wedding cake topper. It made me grin.

No, there is no wedding in my future. 
And no wedding-watching in my future. 
When my dad was asked if he was going to wake up at 4am to watch the royal wedding, he responded "I wouldn't wake up for that wedding if it was taking place next door."

My thoughts exactly.

Call me a cynic, but I think I'm more curious about how the royal marriage will end....

not how it will begin.