Not Much Has Changed

Erin, Ame, and I have been best friends since the 6th grade. Long story short, I overheard Ame and Erin talking at church about having a slumber party to celebrate Ame's birthday. If I'm not mistaken, I invited myself to her party. It's not that Ame and I were friends (we were not friends at all), but I was looking for something to do that weekend.

From our very first picture, it looks as if we had been friends for years. Nope. It was more like friends for a few short hours....

Ever since that night.... 
We have fought (well, Ame and I have fought). 
We have laughed (we mostly laugh). 
We have wept (usually regarding boys or parents)
We have talked (the whole entire night). 
We have celebrated (birthdays, Christmas).
We have loved (each other through it all). 

After all these years, we still look pretty much the same. 

And we definitely still act the same. In a word: ridiculous. 

Ame keeps our conversations interesting and....well...inappropriate. 
Erin is our sounding board and is always there to give the best advice.

Erin and Ame are like two puzzle pieces that don't fit together at all. And there I am--the middle puzzle piece--connecting the three of us.

That puzzle analogy just took me five minutes to think of. I'm extremely proud of it. 

Our conversations around the bonfire Friday night, which jumped from menstrual cycles, to sex, to marriage, to relationships, to just about every topic imaginable, reminded me that after all these years...

not much has changed. 

Y'all are still my best friends.


  1. that just made my day. :) love you!

    and, i'm pretty sure in that first picture ame is probably forcing us to look at the camera and act happy. i think i might have convinced you to go with us after you invited yourself. i'm so glad i did! eka forever!

  2. karen1773/23/2011

    "Well...ame and i fight" lol. hysterical.

  3. Kelly Lawrence3/24/2011

    Karen-i will be up your way for Easter weekend in April. Will you be around? Reunion is necessary. lemme know your plans

  4. Ame Amelia7/28/2011

    Ok I suck at keeping up with your blog so I am just now reading this and it made me so happy!!!! I love y'all forever!!!


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