Mi Vida Esta Loca

-My unaccepted (or possibly never delivered) application to The Daily Tar Heel was a blessing in disguise.

 -I'm currently bombarded with way too many things as is.

-My Spring Break has turned out not to be a break at all, as I am working everyday this week at the bank and have a to-do list at least a mile long.

-I had a nice long weekend in the Florida Keys. I'm pretty sure Brian and I only got in one minor disagreement--he argued that I should not donate any of my tax return money to charity. How nice of him. When I called him out on his greed, he claimed that he donated money last year to several nameless charities ("the cancer ones"). So generous, that one. I love you anyway :-)

-My blog has taken a back seat to the rest of my tasks these past couple weeks. Apologies.

-Today I am finalizing some goals for this month and the upcoming months as I trek through the final months of my pre-dental school journey.

-I sadly have not been keeping up with any of my regular blog reads.

-I'm proud of my newly developed baking skills, which I will be continuing next month as I take the Level 2 course, Flowers and Design. Tonight I will start posting regularly on my Cake Decorating site.

-If you're ever playing a game and asked who sings the lyrics "Pedicure on our toes, toes. Tryin' on all our clothes, clothes" and don't know that the answer is Ke$ha, remove yourself from underneath the rock you're living under. (Mom, your lack of knowledge is excusable. Amy, yours is not.)


  1. Hey, it's me, peeking out from under my rock to read your blog. . . .love you, Mom


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