Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful that I am not a shy person.

I had no difficulty asking a million questions to the TA in physics lab, and I'm glad I did. I'm sure the other students had the same questions as me. Or maybe they didn't. I don't really know. But either way, I'm glad it helped clear up my confusion.

When it came to answering questions the TA asked us, I raised my hand to answer every question. So much to the point that he told me I needed to give the other students a chance to answer. Oh well.

The only time I didn't raise my hand was when he asked the class if anyone wanted to share their joke (we could bring in a joke for extra credit).

I didn't raise my hand.

My joke came from a Playboy magazine; therefore, I deemed it inappropriate for school.

But c'mon, this is COLLEGE....anything goes. I shoulda raised my hand.

Anything would have been better than my classmates joke, which she read off of a Laffy Taffy wrapper. Something about a duck can't laugh when it's flying because it would quack up.

That was the second worst joke I've ever heard,

The first worst joke being the fact that every single time I say "geez" (which is a lot, I suppose), Brian has to the respond "cheese?"

I hate that cheese joke. And that Laffy Taffy joke, too.

I turned in my Physics assignment along with my extra credit joke, and I'm hoping my TA finds it funny. Actually, I know he will.

What's not funny about the Pillsbury Dough Boy bending over...

and exposing his doughnuts?

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. don't hate on laffy taffy jokes! they're my favorite, but then again I have always loved a corny joke!

  2. karen1772/07/2011

    oh man im totally quacking up right now


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