Food, Super Bowl, and other Random Thoughts

Today has been long. Extremely long.

But I can think of no better way to end it than pouring over recipes, food blogs, and dessert ideas.

I'm weird. You probably already knew that.

In a perfect world, I would have no job, no school, and no obligations. There is definitely a shortage of hours in the day for all the treats I want to bake. And shortage of money in my wallet. And shortage of people to consume these treats (other than myself).

But lucky for me, this weekend I have a reason to pull out my new KitchenAid mixer---it's Super Bowl Party time!

If I haven't told you about the party, you're invited. Some people will be sitting on the floor, some will be standing, and some will be watching through the window as they shiver outside in the cold. We have quite the crowd forming and not quite the ample space needed. But at least no one will go hungry.

And at least one person will be hovering around the food instead of watching the game. Any guesses as to who that might be?

I'm so excited--I have mouths to feed! But unfortunately Brian has already put a cap on the number of desserts I can make.


I compromised and said I'll make two.

Which may or may not become three by game time.

I mean, how could I possible decide between the Macaroon Brownies from Creations by Kara....

Or the Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bars from Brown Eyed Baker?

The Noir Brownies from The Tasty Kitchen....

Or the "Oh Baby" bars from Jenna's blog?

And then there's the Nutter Butter Truffles from Bakerella....

YUM. So many delicious options. So many calories to consume.

I'll keep you posted on what I decide to make and I'll be sure to get plenty of pictures!

Alright, now on to the rest of my day (I started writing this blog last night, which might clear up any confusion as to the beginning of this post)!

Happy Wednesday to you all!


  1. I was wondering how at 9:38 it could already be a long day and a day that is ending at the same time. :)

    Can I please have some of that cheesecake?? Here is an idea: Save that recipe for book club night. I'll stand in the cold to eat cookie dough cheesecake if they won't let us in with outside food. :)

    Can't wait to see you soon!


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