Project Happiness, Lesson #3

Today I was going to give you another Happiness Lesson from the book The Happiness Project, but I misplaced the notepad that I had all of my notes in. Oh well. I will give you my version of a topic the book touched on a bit.

Leave three things unsaid each day.
It's that simple. Go to bed with three things unsaid.

I think back to John Mayer's catchy lyrics "say whatcha need to say, say whatcha need to say, say whatcha need to say, say whatcha need to saaa-ay-ay-ay-ay."


Sometimes it's better to not say what you need to say. If you want to complain, nag, gossip, or get in a little jab at someone because it will (for one second) make you feel better--Stop. Just leave it unsaid.

Research shows that if you gossip about another person's flaws or negatively speak about someone else, the person you are talking to will instinctively feel more negativity towards you and apply negative character traits to You! So if you want people to admire your character, to respect you, and to think highly of you, speak more kind words and less of the ugly ones.

That's your lesson for today. And a lesson that I can definitely learn from myself.

Also--side note--I just noticed that the word "project" in my Project Happiness blog series can have two meanings. I'm so clever.

Go forth and project happiness today!