Project Happiness, Lesson #2

Lesson #2 from The Happiness Project is a vocabulary lesson.

The Happiness Project was a fairly quick and easy read, so I took the opportunity to also extend my vocabulary during the reading process (this goes back to Lesson #1, when I decided I would set a higher standard for myself as a student). I noticed early on that there were a lot of words Rubin used in her book that I did not know the definition of. In context, of course, their unknown definitions did not slow me down; however, I figured that if I took the time to look up what these words meant, perhaps I would be more likely to use them in my everyday dialogue.

When I mentioned my vocab project to Brian, he was quick to point out that he probably knew all of the definitions of the words on my unknown list. He then proceeded to confidently scribble definitions beside each word, and I will humor you with his answers....

Devolved- opposite of evolve
Inertia- movement
Detritus- poop
Culling- mass killings
Carp- fish
Diatribe- long going on about self
Stringent- strong

Correct definitions:
Devolved- transferred or delegated to another
Inertia- lack of motion, inactivity
Detritus- disintegrated organic material
Culling- choosing; selecting
Carp- to find fault; to complain (it is also a type of fish)
Diatribe- attack or criticism
Stringent- strict; rigid

One of my favorite moments was when Brian and I were discussing the word diatribe and our friend Ben, who was in the kitchen, shouted that it had probably had something to do with colorful Native Americans.

 Um, wrong. The word is diatribe, not dye-a-tribe!