Wednesday Recommendation

When it comes to shopping, I always favor quality over quantity. I would much rather have a few really nice things, than a lot of really cheap crap. In the past, I favored a large quantity and high quality. This situation is problematic and will likely get you here: Dave Ramsey Live.

When it comes to handbags, I'm pretty picky. I buy one handbag and expect it to last at least a year. I will carry this bag everywhere. In fact, since I purchased my previous bag over a year and a half ago, I have not once removed the items and placed them into a different bag.

These are the qualities I require in a bag:
-Must be large enough to carry everything I need
-Must have a shoulder strap
-Must be brown (I find that this color will go with just about anything. And if it doesn't match, oh well.)
-Must be between $100-$350 (too cheap = won't last, too expensive = there are starving kids in Honduras)
-Must look great (that's a given, right?)

I present to you the perfect bag (which is what I carry now and am hoping to replace soon):
B. Makowsky "Bella"

Best money you will ever spend, and definitely worth the splurge!