Hello Christmas Break

Here is an example of a question taken from my Chemistry exam:

You wish to determine the weight percent of copper in a copper-containing alloy. After dissolving the sample of the alloy in acid, an excess of potassium iodide is added and copper cations and iodide anions undergo the reaction:
2Cu(2+) + 5 I(-) -------> 2 CuI + I (3-)
The liberated I(3-) is titrated with sodium thiosulfate according to the equation:
I(3-) + 2 S2O3(2-) ------>S4O6(2-) + 3 I(-)
If 26.32 mL of 0.101M Na2S2O3 is required for titration to the equivalence point, what is the mass percent of copper in 0.251 grams of the alloy?

Now that you've read this (or at least half of the first sentence), you might understand the immense joy I feel today knowing that my semester is over.

And you might understand why I'm ten pounds lighter than I was when I started the semester.

And you may be impressed that I was able to correctly solve that problem.

Okay. Maybe you're not very impressed.

Either way.

For the next 3 weeks, I will be in a food coma.

The End.


  1. Well, I am glad to know the explanation for the weight loss, about which I was becoming concerned. Congratulations on finishing the semester with truly OUTSTANDING grades! I am so incredibly proud of you! Love, Mom


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