Opposites Attract

And birds of a feather flock together.

Last week I was reading an interview with Heidi Klum, and when asked about her relationship with husband Seal, she responded "Oh, we are completely different people! But we compliment each other so well." That same day I read an interview with another celebrity. She and her husband have so much in common, she claimed, that they were made for one another.

So which is it?

Once I read these interviews, I got to thinking about my own relationship.

On the surface, Brian and I are complete opposites....

He is humble. I will find any reason to brag.
He is a night owl. I'm asleep by nine.
His interests include cars, pool, movies, fish tanks, art, cars, pool, cars, and mostly playing pool.
My interests include reading, writing, cooking, shopping, and most anything involving food.
He is quiet. I will talk to anyone, anywhere, about anything.

But I guess we do have some things in common...

We both don't watch television.
We both have the same values and beliefs when it comes to religion, family, politics, character, work ethic, etc.
Neither of us are "romantic" in the cheesy, disgusting, don't-make-me-puke sorta way (i.e. let's make every Facebook status a song lyric reflecting our love for each other).
We both have a similar sense of humor.
We both like to stay busy.

After reviewing my list I have come to the conclusion that relationships work best when you share some things in common (most importantly sharing the same core values) while still having separate interests.

Profound, I know.

What about you? Do you think you have more differences or more similarities with your significant other? I'm curious...

And I will leave you with this,
A conversation from this past weekend that basically sums up my relationship with my loving boyfriend:

Kelly: Every time I wake up beside you, I think to myself "I am the luckiest girl in the world!"
Brian: Every time I wake up beside you, I contemplate suffocating you with my pillow.

I'd say the initial honeymoon-period of our dating has no doubt ended.

Happy Monday, Everyone!


  1. haha too funny!

    i agree...i think on the important matters, stephen and i are a lot alike, but in other ways (e.g., sleeping habits) we're opposites. oh does he have a rude awakening coming when we get married. the kelly/erin bedtime WILL still happen! :)

    ps love that pic of yall! I can actually see brian's eyes!

  2. karen17711/29/2010

    i like this picture too! can i meet him when u come up NORTH again? :)

    how was the reunion??

  3. Kelly Lawrence11/29/2010

    Haha this picture is too funny! Brian kept squinting as always and our friend taking the picture said "Brian,open your eyes wider!" Classic face he's making.

    Karen, after fighting the traffic around D.C. I never want to go north again. took 3 hours from annapolis to D.C. yesterday!!! OMGGG miserable. We will have to get together next time though, for sure. Reunion was fabulous!!!!So much fun!

  4. karen17711/30/2010

    haha dc traffic the sunday after thanksgiving? you guys are brave/crazy.
    You just gotta pick the right day and time!


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