State Fair 2010

Brian and I shared a fabulous night at the State Fair!

The Fireball
The Drop Zone
The Swings
and The Ferris Wheel

Country ham biscuits
French Fries
Blooming Onion
Hot Apple Cider
Roasted Corn
Krispy Kreme Donut Hamburger
and my personal favorite: Campfire Ice Cream (delicious thick, creamy ice cream with graham crackers, marshmallow fluff, and chocolate chunks)

Funniest Moment:
Watching a teenage boy have an absolute meltdown/panic attack while riding the Fireball

Highlights of the Night:
-Brian won me a goldfish!
-We happened to be stopped ("stuck", according to Brian) at the top of the ferris wheel at the same time of the firework show finale! It was such a spectacular moment!

Can't wait until the fair rolls around again next year!


  1. Hey, has anyone seen my blue jacket lately? I couldn't find it last night. . .
    So glad you had a good time :-)

  2. karen17710/21/2010

    OMG you two are the CUTEST couple.

    also- did you ACTUALLY eat those things? i hope so. i love it! ;)

  3. Kelly Lawrence10/21/2010

    Mom, I'm the culprit. I'll bring back your jacket tonight.

    Karen-- thanks and yes we did. Well, Brian did. I sampled everything. Krispy Kreme burger was surprisingly yummy!


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