God Wink

Isn't it funny how sometimes we doubt that there's ever anyone up there..."up there" being Heaven?  And the moment we begin to doubt, something strange happens that we swear can not just be a coincidence!

"God winks". That is what my friend Karen Godt called them.

Here is the line-up of events that led to the God wink I experienced this morning:
1. It's been a week from hell. Lonely, bored, angry, confused. Okay, PMS is partly to blame. But overall it's just been one of those weeks.
2. Yesterday, on my way to pick up Cooper from school, I was listening to the radio and a new Sara Bareilles song was playing. I was only half-listening to the song, but one lines stuck out to me. It said "All my life I try to make everyone else happy." I think most of us (ladies, at least) can definitely relate to that feeling--trying to please everyone.
3. I started thinking about my personality, and how it kills me if anyone doesn't like me. At work they joke that I can never say "No," to the point where my supervisor will actually come up with really ridiculous things for me to do and laugh as I willingly, without hesitation, agree to do them.
4. Then my mind wandered to the one person I know doesn't like me (hopefully there's only one person out there....there couldn't possibly be anyone else!!! ha). She has valid reasons not to like me, that's for sure. But I just sat in the carpool line thinking about this old friend, wondering what she is up to, thinking about all the laughs, fun, and good times.
5. This morning at breakfast I pondered about life. In human anatomy, it really amazes me how humans are simply animals, only our brain is wired a hair differently and we became the most intelligent of all the animals. Life is so weird and really confusing when you begin to over-think it. So over my bowl of cereal, I thought to myself that God is what we want to believe in. He is what we need to make ourselves feel purpose--to let us know that unlike every other animal, when we die we won't be simply put in the ground and that's all, folks!
6. So after doubting God, I head to my computer with my cup of joe. I love spending time in the morning reading blogs, catching up on all the social networks, and enjoying my coffee! And what do you know...nothing other than a God wink. The friend I had been thinking about a lot yesterday, the friend who I have not heard from in years, left a little comment that made a huge difference. I think it was the first time I've smiled all week.

So thank you God for that. And thank you God for her.

-One of the best quotes ever: "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone."
-Sometimes I convince myself that God is like Santa Claus and all the adults in my life are playing this huge prank. And one day everyone will laugh, because it's taken me so long to figure it out.
-If you haven't yet realized, I'm really quite weird and can come up with some pretty crazy things!!!


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    Glad I found your blog. I wrote about Godwinks too. Come check it out!


    Tonia Rowe


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