Don't Even Bother...

...Clicking on the "Cooking" and "Cake Decorating" tabs.

Just like 15-501 circa New Hope Commons, these pages may be "Under Construction" for quite a while.

Unfortunately, the cooking-kick I was on this past year has ended abruptly with the start of school. While working at the bank, I had time (and money) to peruse through the internet, find recipes, and test them out at night for Brian and friends. Not the case anymore.

Unfortunately, I'd much rather be in my test kitchen than in the Chem lab.

But what would life be without the occasional sacrifice?


(long sigh)


Side -Dishes
The 15-501 reference will only make a Durhamite chuckle.
Can "circa" be used to reference location, or is it used solely for time?


  1. Anonymous9/22/2010

    I knew exactly what "15-501 circa New Hope Commons" meant, and thought it was quite clever. I think "circa" can be used to reference location, or perhaps our great minds just think alike ;-) Hang in there with school, and remember that "nothing worthwile comes easy" (quote from my grandmother). Love you, Mom


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