August Goals

Wow, I cannot believe it is almost AUGUST!

Here are some things I have to look forward to in the coming weeks:

July 29-August 1: Myrtle Beach with the family
August 7: Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ festival
August 8: Brian's parents are in town!
Mid-August: Classes begin
September: Maryland for Labor Day/Annual OBX vacation

Busy month ahead! I love it.

Here are some goals that I have for the month of August:
-Regularly update my blog with weeknight dinner ideas (I have been cooking a lot lately and want to share my easy and delicious dinner recipes, photos, etc.)
-Begin saving money for a camera (Nikon) and take more photos!
-Finish my 2009-2010 scrapbook
-NOT buy any clothes. Period.
-Finish the books I have started (1. The Hour I First Believed 2. Women, Food, and God 3. Love Your Life) And yes, I'm guilty of starting all three without finishing any of them. I never do that!

I think that's (more than) enough goals for now!


  1. I love the new blog layout...I almost thought I was on the wrong blog. :)

    Also, I will be VERY impressed if you make it a whole month without buying any clothes! :) Just think all the money you don't spend on clothes, you can save for the camera. Accomplishing two goals at once! :)

    Can't wait to hang out with you when I get home!!

  2. Kelly Lawrence7/28/2010

    I love it too....although it still needs a lotta work! Cant wait to hang out!! LOVE YOU


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