Friday, May 22, 2015

On the Day Before My 28th Birthday

It really doesn't feel like my birthday is tomorrow, and it especially doesn't feel like I'll be 28.

I met Brian at the golf course when I was NINETEEN!!! To me (a mere $8/hour beer cart girl), the mid-twenty-year-old Brian was so intimidating. He was an adult. He had a career. He had an MBA. He had a condo.

Now I'm married to him, with a house, a mortgage, a career of my own, high-maintenance dogs, a driveway full of his cars, a landscape plan, an herb garden and OH MY GOD MY HEAD JUST MIGHT EXPLODE.

So much responsibility.

If you ask Brian about how responsible I am, he'd laugh.

He'd tell you about my habit of walking away from the dinner table and leaving all of my dirty dishes sitting there because I expect someone else to clean it up for me.

"Kelly, do you have servants coming behind you to pick up your plate?"

Brian annoys me even more than dirty dishes.

If I had a chance to share some life lessons with those who are younger than myself, here's what I'd tell list form.

It's my birthday and I'll make lists if I want to.

Lessons for You, From Me:

1. Your significant other will annoy you. They'll probably annoy you more than any other person in the entire world.

2. The grass always looks greener on the other side.

3. As an adult, you will be expected to cook dinner and clean up your dishes, unless you have servants.

4.  Pets live a long time and are expensive.

5. Children live even longer and are even more expensive.

4. Be really smart, but don't make it too obvious.

5. Less is always more.

6. You are where you want to be.

7.  All eyes aren't on you.

8.  Don't talk just to fill a silence.

9. Eating alone at a restaurant isn't the worst thing ever.

10. Brian's gonna do what Brian wants to do.

11. Don't stay inside on a beautiful day.

12. It's OK to pay someone to do things for you, like painting a room or landscaping your yard. Ain't nobody got time for that.

13. Exercise is the best anti-depressant.

14. Everyone has the right to a bad mood. It's better if you acknowledge it openly and warn those around you. Just say these five words - "I'm in a bad mood."

15. A reliable car is the best car.

16. "Unique" is the polite form of "weird."

17. When most people get to the end of their life, the only two things that matter to them are their spouse and kids. (My pastor said that in a sermon several years ago and I have never forgotten it).

18. Work hard and don't expect recognition.

19. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

20. Take risks. You'll have more fun. (Not to be confused with making stupid decisions. Avoid those).


  1. excellent list! remember how 19 year old Kelly used to laugh at David for liking to eat alone? ;)
    Happy birthday!!! (PS how are we 28?!?!)

  2. LOL Yes, I still haven't eaten alone at like an actual restaurant...only not sure if that counts ;-)