Wedding Weekend

I'm sitting on our little patio while typing this blog. I am thrilled to announce that a hummingbird has finally discovered my feeder! I have my iPhone camera ready to snap a picture if the hummingbird returns.

I had a fun and exhausting weekend! One of my best friends, Marykathryn, got married on Saturday and I was one of her bridesmaids. Fortunately I remembered to tell Brian to grab the camera, and we got some pretty nice pictures.

Take a look...

One of my favorite stories that was told this weekend was about the moment Kat finally decided on her wedding dress. If you know Marykathryn, you know she is the quite the tomboy. Apparently when she decided that the dress she had on was The One, she just looked at the saleswoman and announced "it'll do." Kat completely confused the consultant (who must be used to girls saying "yes" to the dress), and the lady was like "um, I don't understand what you mean." Kat then reiterated "it will do."

...And that is a prime example of why we are such good friends!

Congrats Kat & Blake. done got hitched! ;-)