Hey June

June already?

This is the first year of my entire life that I will be working inside during the summer.

Inside an office. Eight hours a day. Pale as a ghost. Not my cup of tea.

However, considering where I was last summer.....

Inside a classroom. Eight weeks of the summer. Organic Chemistry 1 & Organic Chemistry 2.

...And a whole lotta good that did me! (see UNC Dental School Fail)

I  thought that by now (age 25) my life would look more like this:

And then add a cabana boy, a rich husband, and a fancy cocktail to that picture.

(I can't pin down exactly where things went wrong).

Moving along...


  • Read two books

  • Sit down, plan a budget, and figure out how much I can realistically save this year

  • Go on a date with Brian

  • Have the puppy completely house trained...idealistically in two weeks.


What are your plans for June? Hope this is a fabulous month for everyone! :-)