It's a Boy!

So we officially decided to get a MALE bulldog puppy.

And by "we" I mean....

Brian decided we are getting a male bulldog puppy. He apparently rules the roost around here.

Well, he rules the roost for now.

I'll be honest, I don't like boys.

I don't like their smells. I don't like their bad manners. And I don't like their...humping.

You all know exactly what I'm talking about- those awkward moments when you're like "Uhhh...down boy."

I'm already having nightmares.

Of course, Brian and I have spent weeks reading books, watching the Dog Whisperer's Mastering Leadership series, and researching everything there is to know about bulldogs.

We've even decided to give the dog a raw meat diet.

(Ok, stop judging. Yes, this dog is our entire life. No, we don't even have the dog yet.)

Every decision is of the utmost importance. Which vet to use, which obedience class to attend.

I joked with Brian that we might need to start looking into private schools for our dog. This is obviously going to be one spoiled rotten baby.

I can only think of one other dog that receives this kind of spoiling.....

Yes, I'm looking at you Colby.

Alright, I'm off to go  cry over my dwindling bank account and swoon over my future dog baby.