Bar Golf Shenanigans

One of the events I planned for Brian's 30th birthday bash included an afternoon of bar golf.

While I knew the gist of bar golf, it took me a while to research the rules and details needed to prepare for the event.

Here's what you'll need to do:

1. Map out a course that includes nine bars of close proximity (or 18 bars if you're playing a full course).

2. Decide on how you will score the game.

Here's an example of the scorecard that I used:

  Player 1 Final Score:  ____      Player 2 Final Score: ____   Total Team Score:_____     






The Flying Saucer *

Beer of Choice

Bogey + Beer of Choice

Par + Beer of Choice


Oak City Tavern*

Beer or Cocktail of Choice

Bogey + Jager Bomb

Par + New Holland’s Dragon Milk beer


The Big Easy

Any Beverage (including water)

Bogey + Beer

Par + The Ragin’ Cajun


The Raleigh Times*

Pitcher of Beer with Partner

Finish Bogey  in ten minutes or less

Par + Beer


Landmark Tavern

Any Beverage (including water)

Bogey + Beer

Par + Red Bull and Vodka


London Bridge Pub

Beer of Cocktail

Bogey + Beer

Par + Irish Car Bomb


Tir Na Nog*

Any Beverage (including water)

Bogey + beer

Par + Dance a Scottish Jig


Woody’s *

Any Beverage (including water)

Bogey + Any Specialty Shot

Par + Take a Picture with Stranger


Rum Runner’s

Any Beverage (including water)

Bogey + PBR

Par + Fishbowl drink



Scoring:              Rules                                          Penalties   

Bogey= +1       30 minutes/hole       *Water hazard* If golfer uses restroom on this hole, add two strokes.

Par = 0               No  Cheating               If player gets physically violent with anyone during game, add 5 strokes to final score.

Birdie= -1                                                   If player gets kicked out of a bar or denied service, they are disqualified.


I decided to make guy/girl teams, so that each person also had to rely on a partner to drink their fair share of alcohol. Official team names are listed below (and they obviously had to include naughty humor).

Team Names:

Fore Play

Balls of Fire

Tiger's Wood

The Wedgies

Reckless Drivers

I like Big Putts

As expected, the night was a riot! We had a wonderful time with friends, and I'm happy to say that we actually made it ito all nine bars! Well, most of us anyway.

We did, however, have an issue determining the official winner. Most people lost track of their score around hole number three.

And, um, about the blurry pictures....

Blame it on the al-al-al-al-al-alcohol.

Remember to Drink Responsibly. :-)