Thirty Never Looked So Good

Brian turns 30 years old today.

When I was looking back on some pictures of the last couple years, I was shocked by how much Brian has aged!

Brian looks like a Western old Western cowboy. But even so, I must say that thirty has never looked so good!

In honor of this special day, I was going to list thirty of my favorite memories spent with Brian, the love of my life. But let's be honest...there were only about ten good memories that immediately came to mind.

So I've decided to go with Plan B and abort that bad idea.

Plan B involves writing a poem.


Ode to Brian on His Birthday

You were twenty four years old when we first locked eyes.

You asked me to the fair, and I rejected you with lies.

Now that you're thirty, people will think "that old fart."

But with me by your side, at least you'll look smart.


Your roaring twenties sure were a blast.

It's a shame those ten years had to go by so fast.

Late nights at Sharky's now people will mock...

"That old guy's still here and it's past 9 o'clock!"


Though your looks have faded and you're now sort-of- hot,

I hope you'll learn to accept your new lot.

And although you're now undeniably old,

Thirty's a good age... from what I've been told.


I'll find out in six years.