Raleigh Beer Festival

Last Saturday, Brian and I went to the Raleigh Beer Festival with several of our friends.

The weather was absolutely perfect, and I really like the location at Morris Square in Downtown Raleigh.

I had my fair share of beer, and I think the most memorable brew was Carolina Brewery's Spring Bock.

Talk about delicious!

It was both a good idea and a bad idea to bring my camera to the beer festival.

Good because I got pictures like the one below, where Brian looks sunburnt and I look way too happy.

Bad because it's never a good idea to consume mass amounts of alcohol while toting around your expensive gadgets.

I had a brief panic attack the next morning, fearing that I had accidentally left my camera at the festival...or at The Big Easy bar...or in the taxi...or on the sidewalk....or perhaps I had even decided to give my camera to a stranger as a gift (because decisions made while drinking are always logical)....

I ransacked my purse and tore through the house before finally discovering my precious camera in Brian's pant pocket.

It's a good thing I found it because my memory of the night got a little fuzzy after about, um, one hour into the festival.

I am blessed to have such an awesome group of friends.

Awesome, crazy, fun, and ridiculous.

ATM machine, anyone?


  1. I created that logo on the ATM. Matt at Carolina ATM was a client of mine about 6 years ago.

    Had a fun time as always!!

  2. Oh awesome! I was thoroughly confused about that picture when i was looking through them the next day!


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