The More Dogs the Merrier

I'm sure that, by now, you all are aware of how much I adore dogs.

You may not know that I spent years of my childhood begging my parents mom to get me a dog. My mom was not a dog person, most likely due to the fact that we once had a hyperactive puppy named Jacoby. In the six months we had him, he ruined our house and ruined our lives.

My mom swore that there would be no more dogs after Jacoby, but a couple years later she finally caved to my dramatic pleas.

Chelsea was our family dog for ten years. She roamed the neighborhood with me when I was a kid. She got me through my traumatic teenage years. I remember burying my face in her fur and crying my eyes out whenever I was fighting with my parents. I remember the sound of her biting her nails at night. I remember her always laying at the top of the steps. Sometimes even now, I will cry when I struggle to remember every detail. I'll try to think of her face, but Colby is all that will come to my mind.

If there's a heaven, Chelsea better be there waiting for me.

I once thought I would never be able to love another dog in the same way, but then Colby came into my life and I was suddenly complete again.

Throughout my lifetime, my family has been a "one dog, one cat"  kinda family. Even so, our dog and cat pretty much did their own thing. They would stay outside roaming around, but then they would always eventually come back to the house.

I never thought in a million years that I would ever walk into my parent's house and get bombarded by three dogs.

The dogs have pretty much taken over everything.

Well, I say all this to preface my announcement that Brian and I are getting a new English Bulldog puppy!

When I told my parents this news, I was expecting to see fear in their eyes. I imagined they would be less than thrilled knowing that there may one day be four puppies in their house at one time.

Fortunately, my parents love our dogs. I'm pretty sure they now spoil Colby more than they ever spoiled any of their own children (ie. me and my sister).

And now they will have one more puppy to spoil.

The more dogs the merrier, right?

I am super excited that Brian and I will have a puppy in our lives. My whole world just got a little brighter! (Until it pees and poops on our carpets, of course).

I'm hoping it will be a little girl, but we can't guarantee anything at this point, since we don't get our first pick of the litter.

We have seven weeks to prepare for the chaos that will soon consume our lives.

I'll keep you posted on everything. I have pictures to share, but I'm not sure I am allowed to share them with you at this point. These are championship show dog puppies, and the pictures are not my own.

Okay, that's my only exciting news for now.

Note to Colby: You will always be my entire world.


  1. aww Jacoby...I remember that crazy dog!

    and Chelsea...the dog who could sense Ame Deaton coming from a mile away

    and now sweet've had great pets...I can't wait to meet the newest member of the family.

    PS your preparation and protectiveness of pictures sounds like you're adopting a child not a dog. :)

  2. Agreed- I have had wonderful pets. I should've given tribute to DC, too!

    Adopting a puppy is basically the same as adopting a child...only better :-)

  3. Cassie4/23/2012

    I am SO excited for you guys! Wilson is a wild man, but he is like my dog-child. He scratches up the wood floors, which Sean loves so much, but with a face and unconditional love like could you be mad at him :). Have fun with your bulldog! What a great breed! Post TONS of pics when she (or he) is finally home!


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