I'm Single Again

Well, basically, I'm single again.

For one week.

Brian is abandoning me every night for practically the next nine days. Shooting pool, shooting guns, shooting this, shooting that. Heck, I have no clue what exactly he's doing, but I just know he has a lot to do. Tonight it's some sort of gun class.

Just so you know, I enjoy having nights to myself. It means savoring my dinner, sipping wine, and taking a long shower. I light candles, read books, and eat ice cream. (It's embarrassing how much of a girl I can be sometimes.)

Remember Kevin McCallister?

Of course you do.

Me and Kev are like two peas in a pod when it comes to being home alone.

During my first hour alone, I suddenly morph into Ms. Independent. I think of all the things I will conquer in Brian's absence. I linger over dinner, pour my huge goblet of wine.

I'm rockin' around the house, and I'm loving every second of it.

During hour two or three, sometimes boredom may set in. To offset the boredom, I usually opt for spa treatment- painting my nails, washing my hair, or plucking my eyebrows.

After those few hours have past, the thrill has finally died.

I've usually wound up on the couch, with a book, doing nothing. (Or writing a blog post, I should say.) This is also when I start making a mental note of all the things I need to tell Brian when he gets home. Whether he wants to or not, he will be forced to get a recap of every detail of my day.

This is also the point in the evening when everything decides to make a noise.

The ice maker will rattle and I swear somebody is trying to break into the house.

The fish tank pumps suddenly get louder and I swear somebody is trying to break into the house.

The wind will blow and I swear somebody is trying to break into the house.

Brian's Conceal and Carry gun class isn't doing me much good if I'm the one being left alone in the house sans gun.

Thank God for my ten pound rolling pin.

It doubles as a weapon of mass destruction.