The Cat's Outta the Bag

In case you didn't notice, I'm updating my blog!

In case you also didn't notice, I have no idea how to use WordPress at the moment and that friggin' cat picture is actually supposed to be embedded into my post.

This frustration is honestly making me hate cats even more than normal.

Regardless, I am so excited to finally be working with Empowered Designs to create a new and improved website. With my blogging audience rapidly growing, I figured it was time that I relinquish some control and let an actual website designer do all the work. Now that I have a very small baking business (emphasis on very small), I also wanted to rope in some more customers.

Please be patient as my blog undergoes numerous changes, edits, and tweaks this week! Feel free to comment on things you like, or things you don't like about the new site! I'm all ears (eh..eyes?).

I realize that most people don't actually launch their new website until it's actually finished, but to that I say "Screw it."

In celebration of my new, in-progress blog launch, I will also be hosting a giveaway. Details later in the week.

Before you go, here's a little something YOU can help me decide.

I need a blog signature.

For instance,

xo, Kelly

...Only not so predictable.


It would need to fit my personality. Maybe relate to baking. Maybe sarcastic in tone. Maybe random.

So far I've tried working with the following:

Peace, Love, and Cake, 



No Cake for You, 



Lots of Loathe, 

Over and Out,

Enough Already, 

It's Been Real, 

Yours Sweetly,


Yeah Whatever,

Ok. You get the idea. My mind is drawing a blank. I need your help! Be creative, or be uncreative; leave a comment, and I will love you forever.

___TBD__ ,



  1. Charlie Brown4/02/2012

    Ok, I'll bite that cookie. Try these:
    "Sugar and Spice, Kelly"
    "Leave me a bite, Kelly"
    "Only Bad sweets are fattening, Kelly"
    "A cookie for your thoughts, Kelly"
    "Broke now, but hoping some dough will rise, Kelly"
    "Best when Moist, Kelly"

    Ok, went a little far, but I started. And you said you would love me forever if I left a comment, and I expect that now for sure.

  2. Best When Moist.....LOL


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