How To: Teeth Whitening

Last night as I was pondering a blog topic, I tried to think of advice I could offer, stories I could tell, or things I could pretend to be knowledgeable about.

Well, the idea came to me suddenly.

The #1 thing I get asked about on a regular basis: "Kelly, how do you get your teeth to be so white?"

Well, folks, it's true.
I am blessed with white teeth.

See this chart here?

You won't find my color on that chart.

They're way too white.

Here is Exhibit A:

(In addition to placing a red arrow on my face, I took this photo editing opportunity to see how I would look sporting Aviator sunglasses. Not half bad, if I can say so myself!)

I'll admit that I have naturally white teeth. Everyone's teeth are different shades, and some people will never have white teeth no matter how hard they try. That's just a fact of life.

Here are some truths:

#1- I drink coffee and red wine on a daily basis.
I don't lap it up with my tongue or slurp it through a straw. I drink these teeth-staining culprits like a normal person.

#2- I used Crest Whitestrips several years ago in high school, but I have never done any professional whitening.
My teeth could always stand to be whiter, so I actually looked for Crest Whitestrips in the store last week. Unfortunately, they were really expensive and I could not find the original Whitestrips that I once used. Now they have 7-day, 1-day, Advanced White, 3D White....Way too many options! What happened to the original Whitestrips? I found they worked great when I used them.

#3- I buy whatever toothpaste is the cheapest or on sale.
Someone once told me that colored toothpaste (blue or green) will stain your teeth. I think that's bogus. Most of the Crest, Colgate, or Aquafresh toothpaste brands aren't white, and I've never before noticed that they stain my teeth. Also, I don't specifically choose toothpastes that claim to have "whitening power." Toothpaste is toothpaste.

Here's What I Do:

#1 - I brush my teeth twice a day (morning and night) and I floss once a day (night).
It's not rocket science. If you don't practice good dental hygiene, you'll never have perfect teeth. I don't have any fancy toothbrush or any fancy method, but I am diligent about my brushing and always take my time.

#2 - I don't smoke.
In addition to all of the other disgusting side effects, cigarettes ruin your white teeth. I'm extremely fortunate that I never started that bad habit in the first place. If you're smoking, stop. It doesn't look cool, it looks tacky.

#3 - I drink a lot of water.
With the exception of wine and coffee, I drink water throughout the day. Rarely ever do I drink juice or soda.

Okay, I guess I haven't told you anything you didn't already know. I honestly don't do anything out of the ordinary, nor do I have any teeth whitening secrets.

If you're hoping to get a whiter smile, I recommend the Crest Whitestrips as the best method. Though I haven't used them in several years, I remember that I was amazed at the results. I also remember that I was in great pain at times during the Whitestrip process. If you have sensitive teeth, you may find that the strips hurt, as was the case with my teeth.

If your teeth don't look as good as they could, start being honest with yourself and start taking your dental hygiene more seriously. Not only will you have a prettier smile, you'll have a healthier smile.

Even my dog, Colby, has a perfect smile.

"How To: Teeth Whitening for Dogs" coming soon.


  1. Colby has a perfect smile because I brush her teeth every night!! She actually enjoys it and starts wagging her tail as soon as I pick up her toothbrush!


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