How To: Teeth Whitening for Dogs

As promised, a informative post about teeth whitening for dogs.

To begin the whitening process, you'll first need to make sure that you have everything you need.

In the picture below, you'll see a toothbrush, Pet Dental toothpaste, and also a smaller toothbrush that you can place on your finger.

When I mentioned to Colby that I was writing a blog about dog teeth whitening, she gladly volunteered herself to be the demonstrator.

Colby loves any opportunity to be the center of attention, and she also loves having her teeth brushed.

When she notices that you're preparing for her daily dental routine, her tail starts wagging and she gets very excited.

Sometimes Colby will lie down or roll over onto her back when you brush her teeth. Today, for our photo shoot, she remained standing. Whichever way your dog chooses to position, make sure you can get to all angles of the mouth for the best whitening potential.

Brushing your dog's teeth on a daily basis is really the only way to achieve a whiter smile for your dog.

Just imagine how much better your dog will look with a clean, bright smile!


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