...And We're Back!

Actually, we have been back since Sunday. I just have yet to blog.

I have been slammed at work the past two days and will likely be busy all week! Sheesh. Not exactly how you want to return from a vacation!

Our last full day in Florida was St. Patrick's Day!

Everyone in Key West took this opportunity to drink a little more and act a little crazier. Hundreds gathered on Duval Street for an early morning pub crawl!

Brian and I met his dad for lunch at the No Name Pub on No Name Key, so I guess it shoulda been no surprise when no name came up on the GPS.

.....We eventually found this hole in the wall joint, and we enjoyed a lunch of pizza and beer!

The afternoon was spent lounging on the beach.

Since we've been back, I've had at least five people say this to me: "You don't look like you've been to the beach."

That's code for "You're still pale."

Oh well. Less wrinkles for me, I suppose.

Overall, we had a really nice time and I am bummed to be back. It always goes by too fast! Tomorrow I'm gonna try to recap the rental car disaster story. Perhaps, looking back on that event, I will be able to take a comedic approach.