Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

I wanted to make decorated sugar cookies from scratch at Halloween.
I never got around to it.
I also never got around to making them at Christmas or New Year's Eve.

I finally made them last weekend for the baby shower! The cookies were so easy and they turned out so cute. I just might have to make them again this weekend for the Super Bowl!

The tutorial from Brown Eyed Baker was my crutch. These step-by-step instructions assisted me throughout the entire process. It's definitely an all day process, but mostly due to the long waiting periods between each step.

The All-Occasion Sugar Cookie recipe, also found on the tutorial, was amazing! In the past, using cookie cutters always resulted in cookies that would spread out when baking in the oven. It always ruined the shape of the cookie.

This recipe did not spread at all! The cookies came out of the oven looking like butterflies, instead of oddly shaped blobs.

Patience is key. I have a tendency to learn that the hard way.

I was running late to the baby shower and had to decorate all of the cookies within a matter of  minutes.

Give yourself a lot of time to make, bake, and decorate. It's worth it in the end!